Birch Grove Intermediate




  • All visitors to our campus must stop by the office and sign in during the school day. This is for your child’s safety and yours. In case of an emergency all need to be accounted for. The sign-in binder is in the office. Please make sure you take a “visitor or volunteer” sticker. If you need to get something to your child, please let the office staff help you. We will contact your child’s teacher to get the item to them. Please do not disturb the classroom while they are in session.


  • In the interest of not interrupting instructional time, we do not interrupt classes for deliveries or messages during class. We do realize that there are times that parents need to get a missing class assignment or lunch to their children. If your student forgot their lunch, please have all lunches to the office before 11:20am. Our campus monitors take the lunch to the cafeteria and the students will have the lunch waiting for them at their lunch table. For other items (homework, backpack, etc.) that you would like to have delivered to your child, we will place the item in your child’s teacher’s mailbox for them to pick up at recess or lunch. Thank you for your understanding in the matter.


  • Please remember it is very important to either call or send a note if your child misses school indicating why your child was out. Parents/Guardians will have three school days to clear an absence. An out of town absence is an unexcused absence. For family emergency absences, please make sure you call in as well as send a note with your students stating why they were out.  If proper notification is not provided within three school days, the absence will be recorded as unexcused (NUSD AR 5113) and can’t be changed.


  • Please keep your child home if they have gotten sick or have a fever. They need to be fever, vomit and diarrhea free for 24 hours before coming back to school.


  • Parents, please listen to your messages before calling the school back. There are often times where the teachers call from the classroom and the office is unaware why they called.


  • Student’s needing to be picked up early from school ~  The person picking up your child/children from school before the end of the day at 2:32 pm Monday – Thursday and 1:05 pm on Fridays MUST be on the emergency card and must be over 18.   If they aren’t on the emergency card, we can’t release the student/students to them.


  • If your child is out of school 5 days or more, an Agreement for Independent Study may be done.  This is so your student may stay current with their studies while they are out of school. Request for Independent Study work, must be requested to the teacher at least 5 days before the beginning of their absence. Anything less than 5 days, the teacher can decline the Independent Study contract. Student must return packet at 100% complete to their teacher when the day they return back. If work is not completed at 100% they will not get the excused absence and absences will go to unexcused.  Independent packets are available in the main office where the process begins.


  • Please notify the office of any address or phone number changes right away.


  • Homework Requests ~ Homework will be available upon request. Please call or email your child’s teacher before 10:00am to request their homework. Homework may be available after school pending teacher’s availability.