How Do I Use The Phone?

In the Birch Grove offices we have children who ask or need to call their parents for various reasons.  It is surprising to us how many students are confused on how to use the phone, and many do not even know their phone number. Due to our cell phone dependent society, we admit ourselves that we have very few numbers stored in our memory banks as they are just a click away in our “contact list.”

In taking a step back from this situation, we feel that this is a safety issue for our students when away from school and don’t have their handy emergency card to pull from.

Please help your child with the following things so we can make sure we keep them safe at all times:

  • Let your students know where they can reach you at different times of the day
  • Have them memorize a minimum of 3 key phone numbers where they can reach their parents, trusted family member of caregiver. Make sure these people and phone numbers the children know are also listed on ParentVUE for the offices to have access to.
  • Practice punching in numbers on a phone vs. just finding the name in a contact list (land line vs. cell phone is best)

Thank you for your help and support with this very important matter.

Birch Grove Offices