Library Information



Library Clerks Gretchen Jackson (Primary) and Angela Lee (Intermediate) absolutely love to share the materials available in our libraries with our students.


Library Hours, Birch Grove Primary:




Library hours, Birch Grove Intermediate:


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  8:15-3:15


Class visits and checking out materials: Every student has the chance to visit the library with their class.  Primary students visit once a week.  Intermediate students visit every other week. A lesson is given on using the library, or a story is read to the class, and then they are able to check out a book to borrow until their next library visit.


Class schedules:




Due date: Materials are due at the next library visit.

Forgotten library materials: If a TK – 2nd grade student has forgotten to return what they have borrowed, a note will come home reminding them to look for it.  3rd – 6th graders will be reminded verbally in the library. If it is out for a second visit, a reminder note will be sent home.

Lost library materials: If a student has lost an item, a note will be sent home letting you know how much it costs to purchase a library-quality replacement.  Families will sometimes ask if they can buy a replacement book.  Unfortunately, not all books are created equal in their binding, so we ask that families pay for the item and we’ll take care of ordering the replacement.

Browsing the catalog online: Students may browse the library’s online catalog from home, at:

Please note that if a book was available when you looked it up at home, it may not be available when visiting the library.  It may have been checked out in the meantime.

Holds: If a library book is checked out, we are happy to put that item on hold for a student who is in good standing (does not have any overdue or lost materials).




Many purchases made for the libraries are made possible by our wonderful Birch Grove community through Book Fairs and Box Top collections.

A Book Fair happens in the Primary library the week of parent-teacher conferences in November, and in the Intermediate library in the Spring the week of Open House.  We welcome any volunteers that would like to help run the Fair.  Each class has a scheduled visit to the Book Fair during the week, and students are also welcome to visit the Fair after school with their families.  BGP Family Night and BGI Open House are great opportunities for families to go shopping together – Family Night happens on the Thursday evening of Book Fair week. Keep an eye out for the Open House date.

Our libraries loves Box Tops!  You’ll find these on a variety of products you purchase, from cereal boxes, to tissue boxes, to office supplies.  Worth $.10 each, they add up.   Please send them in on a collection sheet that students will bring home, or collections of 50 Box Tops may be brought to school in a plastic bag or envelope.  Thank you!



Young Authors is a voluntary book-writing activity for TK-6th grade students.  Students can choose to write their own fiction or poetry book to be submitted for publishing into the Birch Grove Libraries.

Both libraries have created a Young Author section, where copies of all the books are placed on a special bookshelf, available for students to enjoy in the library. Keep checking our website for more dates and information.

A publishing event will be held at Birch Grove Intermediate in February, and in March at Birch Grove Primary, to celebrate the hard work students have put into their books.



The libraries accept book donations!

Do you have some children’s books at home that are no longer being read?  Consider donating them to the library.  Depending on the book, we’ll either add it to the collection, or use it for our end of year Book Party.  We welcome these types of books in good condition:  paperback, hardback, picture books, chapter books, unused activity books, non-fiction, and fiction appropriate for up to 6th graders at the Intermediate site, and up to 2nd grade at the Primary site.