Music for Minors II

Music for Minors at Birch Grove Schools

Music for Minors II (MFMII) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization providing music enrichment programs in pre-school through elementary schools in the East San Francisco Bay area of California since 1988.

Our mission: To nurture the love and literacy of music in children’s classrooms and lives by trained community volunteers. MFMII also provides performance opportunities for children at school sites and on professional stages in the community.

Children need music for healthy development and academic success. Children and classroom teachers enthusiastically welcome MFMII docents into the classroom for fun-filled, engaging music lessons involving singing/signing songs, rhythmic movement/dance, instrumentation, and listening appreciation. Teachers remain in the classroom while docents teach and also learn how to integrate music into their curriculum areas.

Join Music for Minors II as a docent and join us in our mission to nurture a lifelong love and literacy of music in children’s classrooms and lives!

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